TM-2050 Turfmower

Tech & Specs

Front look of ECHO Robotics’ robotic lawn mower.
ECHO Robotics

The new athletes of the connected line

You’re always looking for an edge. From performance and cost savings to more time to focus on the bottom line, the ECHO Robotics Connected Line puts innovation and efficiency at your command.

Echo Robotics Autonomous Mowers In Operation

Ready for the difference?

With GPS RTK navigation technology and geofencing alerts, operators can gain a distinct advantage. Not only can ECHO Robotics autonomous mowers triple mowing capacity, they can also deliver mowing pattern accuracy and cutting precision that standard ride-on mowers simply can’t. The bottom line: they offer up to 50% cost savings compared to conventional mowing on average. It’s a no-brainer for football field maintenance and sports turf managers.

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50% Savings

Lower energy consumption double service life, save time and labour. Find out about the solution that is 50% more economical than traditional mowing.

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24/7 Consistency

Day and night, and at any time. Only ECHO Robotics mowers run their program continually to achieve perfect results. And with the ability to mow in pattern mode, you can say goodbye to anything but perfectly straight lines.

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Perfect Lawn

Floating heads with stainless steel blades. The robot mower for large areas perfectly follows the unevenness of the ground and preserves your turf. A healthy and impeccably-mown lawn.

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90% Less CO2

The mowing result is 100% natural. Our unique blades provide perfect mulching. which means your ground will be fertilised and resistant.

Do more with GPS RTK navigation

With revolutionary GPS RTK enabled, the robot’s performance is tripled. That means mowing capacity is enhanced: TM2050: up to 75 000 m², TM1050 up to 45 000 m². This added performance also makes cutting a sports field even faster. And with the real-time Kinematic installation, the robot navigates with a 2-3 cm level precision, enabling it to mow in pattern with a minimal overlap.

ECHO Robotics’ robotic mobile application.

Connectivity in the Palm of your hand

  • GPS RTK navigation technology
  • Real-time kinematic navigation
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Web portal as a hub for your fleet
  • Tablet and smartphone application
  • User-friendly technology controlled at your fingertips
  • Real-time, anti-theft solution
  • Maintenance history

ECHO Robotics