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Each ground is unique, as are individual needs. That’s why no two projects are ever the same. A robotic lawn mower installation isn’t random, which is why, at Echo Robotics, we take the time to study your needs in detail. Even before you start your project.

Each site is assigned a personal representative. After studying your needs, he can recommend a product test and install a system tailored to your needs.

From study to installation of your robots, we're at your side

ECHO Installation Goals

Our pre-installation process

You may be wondering how the installation of test robots works. To be as close as possible to your needs, our process goes through several key steps:

  • Discussion of your wishes and objectives
  • Study of your grounds
  • Developing your site plan
  • Configuration of your mower(s)

Let us discuss your site objectives

Each application is unique, just like individual goals. That’s why it all starts with a dialogue. We work with you to define your goals so we can identify obstacles and customize the best robotic solution. Robot working hours, special needs of your customers, time saving or questioning the ecological aspect of our robots, … This is the time to let us know all your needs and questions. The more we exchange, the more we will be able to offer you a spot-on solution.

ECHO Installation Survey

Let's plan a pre-installation site study

Physically or virtually, our site surveys are designed to meet and even exceed your requirements, your site, and your specific usage. Indeed, with our years of experience, we have had the opportunity to study and test many types of grounds. We will therefore be able to anticipate the obstacles that your robots may encounter.

For example, a stand of trees on a field can be an obstacle to the GPS signal, so we have to configure the route of your mowers differently, especially with the perimeter wire. Some grounds may include several areas to be treated, so we can plan to configure a multi-zone course.

Installation for test

The final step is to install everything. For a small fee our team of qualified professionals will bury a perimeter cable about 5 cm below the surface of your ground, install the charging station, provide the necessary electrical connections to your robotic lawn mower, and then program your TurfMower or Range Picker for testing. All you have to do then is enjoy the time you save with your robots!

ECHO Installation Trial

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