Professional robot mowers

An advanced technology to boost your activity

Depending on the model, our lawn mowers are capable of mowing between 12,140 and 75,000 m2 per day, and even much more if you have a fleet of robots. Their state-of-the-art technology allows them to adapt to many types of terrains. They are also a real asset if you are eco-friendly because they do not produce emissions during operation. Their energy cost is also up to 8 times lower than that of conventional lawn mowers.

Robots for a perfect mow

Working 24/7, our professional robot lawn mowers are also very silent and can be remotely controlled. Thanks to their flexibility and independent work, you can free your employees from sometimes time-consuming tasks and assign them other responsibilities. Discover the possible applications of our garden robots.

Tondeuses autonomes Echo Robotics en fonctionnement

Robot lawn mowers for golf courses

As a greenkeeper, you know how time-consuming lawn care and ball collection can be. So, suppose you could free yourself from these tasks thanks to an exceptionally efficient duo of machines? Work in synergy between our robot ball collector and our robot mowers for golf clubs.

ECHO Robotics’ range picker RP-1200 specs.

Echo Robotics mowers and ball pickers can both be programmed and work very quietly. Are you anyway afraid of disturbing players during certain hours? No need to worry! You can program your machines to work outside those time slots. They will automatically start at the desired times, without you having to do anything.

And if some areas of the driving range are more often covered with balls than others? You can work in multiple zones and plan for a more regular passage of your ball picking robots at those specific locations.

Robot mowers for football pitches

The feeling of playing and the players’ safety depend a lot on the quality of the field. In fact, deposits of cut grass can cause the players to slip, while poor-quality grass will make the field less flexible and less homogeneous, so the precision with which can be played will be affected. Do you go to great lengths to ensure that your grounds are always impeccable? Helping you with automated mowers could free up a lot of your time while also ensuring your lawn is always perfectly maintained.

ECHO TM-2000

You can program your robot lawn mower to work at specific times, even when you are not physically on the field, and save yourself the hassle of hiring staff who work at times that sometimes require too much flexibility. RTK GPS technology also allows you to mow in strips instead of randomly. With this option you benefit from an even greater profitability of your material. Due to the precision of this type of machines passing several times on places already mowed can be avoided, which results in a greater mowing speed and a capacity multiplied by three. Find out more about the applications of our mowers for football pitches.

Other sports grounds

Echo Robotics professional robot lawn mowers are not only useful for football pitches and golf courses. They can be used on sports fields of all kinds. Whether you choose them with or without RTK GPS technology, they free up valuable time and assure you can mow to the millimetre.

No need to mow or remove waste by hand. Thanks to the mulching function, your robot grinds the mowed grass and uses it as a natural fertiliser for your lawn, which becomes more beautiful and resistant, without any extra effort. As for the cutting precision, the various floating cutting heads immediately adapt themselves to the relief of the ground.

Schools & municipalities

A professional robot lawn mower is also an effective way to manage the maintenance of the green spaces of schools and municipalities. You can manage your budget efficiently by freeing up time and labour while ensuring an impeccable cutting quality.

ECHO TM-2000

Are your grounds particularly busy in the afternoon? Program your machines to work in the morning or evening. Do you need to have them work during the day, even in the presence of students or visitors? This should not disturb because our robots are particularly quiet. As far as safety is concerned, they can bypass obstacles and their blades stop working immediately if the machines are lifted. As such, you can let them work in peace.

ECHO Robotics

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