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Product frontal of TM-1000 ECHO Robotics’ turf mower.
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For more about the technology behind the RP-1200, read on. For application-specific information, visit the Driving Range section.

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ECHO Robotics’ range picker RP-1200 specs.


Tank Capacity​

300 balls​

Daily Capacity​

Up to 12,500 balls/day

Surface Max*​

6 acres (24,281 m2)


2.2 mph (3.5 km/h)


2 x 17 in Motorized Wheels


Lithium Ion, 25.6 Volts

Collection Width​

40.7 in (1034 mm)

Weight (Including Batteries)​

188 lb (85.3kg)

Average Annual Consumption**

500 kWh

Dimensions (W x L x H)​

3.9 ft x 4.3 ft x 1.6 ft (1189 mm x 1311 mm x 488 mm)​

*Mowing capacity and maximum surface area may vary depending on the quality and layout of the terrain and the presence of obstacles.

**Consumption may vary depending on the given conditions and use.


Charging Station Technical Manual

Charging Station Parts Manual

RP-1200 Brochure

RP-1200 Parts Catalog

ECHO Robotics’ robotic mobile application.

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Tablet and smartphone applications allow you to control your fleet from anywhere.

  • Give remote commands
  • GPS location and georeferencing notifications
  • Real-time status and performance monitoring


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