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Product frontal of TM-1000 ECHO Robotics’ turf mower.
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The golf balls that land on the greens of practices amount to thousands every day. Picking them up is a chore that can take time for maintenance staff. Imagine giving this job to a completely autonomous golf ball picking robot, able to work day and night, silently. This enables you to give your staff other tasks, to extend your opening hours and even to lose fewer balls.

ECHO Robotics RP 1200 Range Picker
ECHO Robotics Mower

Silent operation

For use in quiet environments, without disturbing the customers.

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Works 24/7, day and night, whatever the weather.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command

Remote control and commands

Via the smartphone application or the online portal - because the work does not stop when you are doing other things.

ECHO Robotics

Zero emission

Respects the environment and provides a better experience for the customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Energy costs eight times lower

Compared to conventional mowers.

Advanced Automation Icon

Advanced Automation, Guidance, and Safety Features

So you can rest assured the job’s being done right.

ECHO Robotics
ECHO Robotics’ range picker RP-1200 specs.

Tank Capacity

300 balls

Daily Capacity

Up to 12,500 balls/day

Surface Max*

6 acres (24,281 m2)


2.2 mph (3.5 km/h)


2 x 17 in Motorized Wheels


Lithium Ion, 25.6 Volts

Collection Width

40.7 in (1034 mm)

Weight (Including Batteries)​

188 lb (85.3kg)

Average Annual Consumption**

500 kWh

Dimensions (W x L x H)

3.9 ft x 4.3 ft x 1.6 ft (1189 mm x 1311 mm x 488 mm)

*Mowing capacity and maximum surface area may vary depending on the quality and layout of the terrain and the presence of obstacles.

**Consumption may vary depending on the given conditions and use.


Charging Station Technical Manual

Charging Station Parts Manual

RP-1200 Brochure

RP-1200 Parts Catalog

ECHO Robotics’ robotic mobile application.

An app to make your life a little bit easier

The application for smartphones and tablets allows you to remotely control your robot or fleet of robots. It allows you to start or stop your machines at any time, from anywhere, or also to receive alerts and automate certain processes. 

Thanks to the application and RTK GPS function, you can also receive real-time information about the location of the devices or follow their routes. You can equally divide the work areas among your various robots directly from your smartphone or tablet. And as far as security is concerned, if the robot detects the slightest problem, you are notified through the application.

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