Your fleet in the palm of your hand

The ECHO Robotics portal and the app for robotic lawn mowers and ball pickers allows you to control your fleet from anywhere, directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. They offer an all-in set of features for professionals who need remote access to their business, at any time, from anywhere.

Depending on the type of subscription chosen, you can access functions such as:

  • Regular software updates
  • Remote commands
  • GPS localisation and georeferencing alerts
  • Real-time status and performance monitoring
  • Personalisation of your alerts and notifications
  • Instant access to the service history
ECHO Robotics Mower Remote Control

Software updates

Your professional lawn mowers as well as your golf ball pickers benefit from automatic updates on all software versions.

  • For robots without subscription (or free plan), updates are only made via Wi-Fi during technical maintenance operations.
  • For robots with a Basic or Premium subscription, you benefit from regular and continuous updates (available via Wi-Fi or 4G) and you can also set alerts notifying you when an update is necessary. 
ECHO Robotics Remote App
ECHO Robotics Remote App

Performance monitoring via your application

You can also use your robot lawn mower and ball picker app to access performance reports. Robot performance data is automatically recorded, making it easy to draw reports and compile data. 

Access reports in the form of intuitive graphs showing you, for example, how much time your robot spent maintaining your terrain, recharging or was not in use. 

Extra functions

The control of your fleet at your fingertips! By pressing a single button you can send robots to work or to their docking station, order them to charge, wait, and much more. If you use the Range Picker, you can also order it to pick up or unload balls on demand.

You can also remotely manage and change your robots’ work schedules, the mowing height and percentage of activity on one or another part of your land (whether for mowing or collecting balls). 

*Releasing on portal & app in July 2020
**Releasing on portal & app in October 2020
ECHO Robotics

Power. Flexibility. Freedom.

It’s all built right into the app.

With features ranging from end-user commands and WiFi or 4G updates to alarms, notifications, remote wake-up and anti-theft—it’s all built right into the app with three subscription options to select from.



Ideal for users who do not need advanced capabilities such as a remote fleet control and data collection. Commands are directly given on the robot interface.

  • No cost

  • Software updates via Wi-Fi only


49- (BM-1000)
59- (BM-2000, BP-1200)

Subscription for operators who require basic remote control capabilities and the ability to monitor machine performance.

  • TBD

  • Software updates via Wi-Fi and 4G

  • End-user commands

  • Update of end-user parameters: operating time, mowing height, percentage of terrain and terrain tracking

  • Continuous live status + on-demand positioning

  • Maintenance report


149- (BM-1050)
199- (BM-2050, BP-1250)

This complete package designed for professionals offers remote fleet management, innovative monitoring of your robots’ performances and much more.

  • TBD

  • Software updates via Wi-Fi and 4G

  • End-user commands

  • Update of end-user parameters: operating time, mowing height, percentage of terrain and terrain tracking

  • Continuous live status + on-demand positioning

  • Maintenance report

  • Fleet management dashboard

  • Remote wake-up with disclaimer and pending conditions

  • Cyclical mapping of your field

  • Remote Technician settings provide the following features:

    Activation and de-activation of the cutting heads. Modification of the loading direction and return to the station. Modification of the identification of the robot. Modification of the mowing functions. Return of the robots to the station by GPS guidance

  • Georeferencing / Anti-theft properties

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Which updates will be published in July?

Portal Updates
  • Online payment, features in function of type of subscription from 1st of September
  • End-user Robot configuration: Enhancements of scheduler and end-users parameters settings (parcel %, temperature, minworktimeparcel)
Technician Robot Configuration Updates
  • Channels, track borders, gps drop point
  • Visualize/change gps defined zones + support schedule
  • Warranty support
  • Korean language option

Which updates will be published in October?

Robot Updates
  • Limitation of traffic: 4G & WifiOnly
  • Stopping of SIM –Card
Portal Updates
  • Robot Parameters and Configurator Portal: Possibility to create objects (parcels (wired or gps)
  • Customize portal views (hide dashboards, maps)  
  • Fleet follow-up Improvements 
  • Enhanced alarm documentation
  • Maintenance and SW updates notifications
  • Reporting updates
  • Register repair/maintenance action
  • Remote wake-up & restart

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