Schools & Municipalities

Smart in So Many Ways

First in Class

For schools and municipalities, resources can be hard to come by. Those that allocate wisely and prioritize efficiency have a leg up when it comes to maximizing budget and providing the best possible service to students and citizens. What’s more? The technology behind the fiscal benefits provides a valuable learning opportunity for students of all ages.

ECHO Robotics’ robotic turf mower near school building.

Quiet Operation

Use it in noise-sensitive areas without disturbing those nearby.


Operates 24/7, rain or shine, day and night.

Remote Command & Performance Monitoring

Via smartphone app or online portal—because work doesn't stop when you're busy doing other things.

Emissions-Free Operation

Aids the environment and creates a better experience for students/citizens.

Eight Times Lower Energy Costs

Compared to traditional mowers.

A Practical Learning Opportunity

Schools and municipalities alike can create curricula around this exciting technology—and students can see it in action every day.

TurfMower Series

Front look of ECHO Robotics’ robotic turf mower.

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