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Silent running for sharper concentration

We all know how difficult it can be to study or work in a noisy environment. Imagine that you have to work next to an operational conventional mower, … Impossible to concentrate! Managers of grounds surrounding schools or municipal buildings can have a really hard time to organise mowing schedules. The TurfMower series robot mowers make life easier for these people as they get the job done quietly. As such, you can have them operate any time of day without disturbing anyone. And moreover, they have a zero emission rate and do not produce any unpleasant smells since they run on electricity.

ECHO Robotics’ robotic turf mower near school building.
Icon Quiet

Silent operation

For use in quiet environments, without disturbing the customers.

Icon Autonomous


Works 24/7, day and night, whatever the weather.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command

Remote control and commands

Via the smartphone application or the online portal - because the work does not stop when you are doing other things.

ECHO Robotics

Zero emission

Respects the environment and provides a better experience for the customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Energy costs eight times lower

Compared to conventional mowers.

Advanced Automation Icon

A learning opportunity in practice

Schools and municipalities can create courses on this exciting technology and students can see the robots in action every day.

TurfMower Series

ECHO Robotics

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