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As manager of a golf club, a company owning parks and gardens or responsible for keeping football pitches in perfect condition, you are aware of how much time it may take to look after these grounds. Perhaps you are looking for solutions to help you or your staff by taking over some time-consuming and unprofitable tasks. Say goodbye to your old habits and step up with the robot lawn mowers and gold ball pickers from Echo Robotics.

Our robots

Echo Robotics puts all its knowledge at your service with its golf ball collecting robots and several types of robot lawn mowers. Thanks to the TurfMower series, your lawn can be mown at any time, even when you are not there. Program the mowing schedules you want, the robot will do the rest. Thanks to the mulching function you can also say goodbye to spreading fertiliser by hand. Your mower finely grinds the cut grass and spreads it over the lawn for a 100% natural fertiliser. Go to the next level with the RTK GPS technology for a systematic strip mowing and an accuracy within centimetres. For picking balls, make the Range Picker work together with your robot lawn mowers for an even more efficient maintenance of your grounds. Program it to pick up the balls wherever and whenever you want. It works in perfect autonomy.







Right in the Palm of Your Hand

Tablet and smartphone applications allow you to control your fleet from anywhere.

  • Give remote commands
  • GPS location and georeferencing notifications
  • Real-time status and performance monitoring



Whether you need especially precise mowing for football pitches, a robot that can work silently in the presence of your players on a golf driving range, or you are looking to maintain another type of sports field efficiently, Echo Robotics robots will give you a significant return on investment and a lawn that is always beautiful and more resistant.

Besides sports fields, other applications are also possible, such as, for example, work around municipal buildings or schools. Let us know your needs and we will make you a tailor-made offer.

Sports Turf Maintenance

Let go of your old habits and find out what it is like to have more time for more important things that need your attention.


“How it’s always been done” is finally a thing of the past.

Schools & Municipalities

A training in efficient grounds management and an educational tool for students of all ages.

Football pitch maintenance

Your pitch-perfect partner.

RP - 1200 Rangepicker

TM Turfmower Series

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