Robot mower for golf clubs

The guarantee of a perfect lawn

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Real return on investment

The main advantage of a robot mower is that it can mow the lawn of a golf course day or night. Because it moves automatically, you no longer need to mobilise your staff, who can then take on other equally important tasks, especially during busy periods.

You save time, manage the times needed for mowing and the occupation of the grounds more easily, and moreover, you earn money. In fact, compared to conventional mowing methods, the robot mower allows you to save up to 50%, in particular due to fuel savings. This is an investment to bear in mind for the maintenance of professional grounds.

ECHO Robotics’ range pickers on driving range.
ECHO Robotics Mower

Works with the TM-2000 robot mower

In other words, your "Practice 2.0" lawn looks healthier and better maintained.

Icon Quiet

Silent operation

For use in quiet environments, without disturbing the customers.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command

Remote control and commands

Via the smartphone application or the online portal - because the work does not stop when you are doing other things.

ECHO Robotics

Zero emission

Respects the environment and provides a better experience for the customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Energy costs eight times lower

Compared to conventional mowers.

Advanced Automation Icon

Advanced automation technology, steering technology and safety functions

You can be sure the job is well-done.

RP - 1200 Range Picker

TM Turfmower Series

RP - 1200 Range Picker

TM Turfmower Series

RP - 1200 Rangepicker

TM Turfmower Series

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