Practical, and cost-efficient garden robots

Do you dream of saving time as you keep your parks and gardens looking their best? Whether you are a greenkeeper, guaranteeing the care and upkeep of football pitches, or responsible for the outdoor green spaces of municipal buildings, the Echo Robotics garden robots were designed to make your life easier.

At the cutting edge of technology

At the cutting edge of technology, they allow you to mow your grounds with ease to particularly extended schedules. No need to be constantly hovering over your robots. Just program them and they do the rest. You can even give them remote commands thanks to an application designed for this. And you can also profit from the all-new GPS RTK technology for increased precision.

Tondeuses autonomes Echo Robotics en fonctionnement

serie turfmower

Much more than simple garden robots

TM-850 Turfmower

The TM-850 is the first professional automatic mower designed especially for football, rugby, and baseball facilities. According to the usage of the field and your watering habits, the TM-850 can mow up to 30,000 m2 a week.

TurfMowers TM - 1000 and TM - 2000

The TurfMower series’ mowers are particularly efficient and resistant. In fact, they are made of the most robust materials. The wheels or the chassis, they will all last a long, long time. You can expect your robot to run for thousands of miles before you will need to replace any part.

TM – 2050 Turfmower

With the TM – 2050, we go even further. Does your ground need very precise mowing? Then the RTK GPS technology will suit you right down to the ground. Whereas a conventional robot lawn mower has a fairly random course, the RTK GPS technology allows a systematic strip mowing.

ECHO TM-2000

range picker RP-1200

Save time on your golf practices

ECHO Robotics’ range picker RP-1200 specs.

Besides lawn mowing, the collection of balls can be resource-intensive for golf course managers. And what if you combined the work of your mowers with that of golf ball collecting robots? The Range Picker RP -1200 will help you to keep your courses maintained without great effort.

Designed to work in perfect autonomy just like our robot mowers, our ball picking robots can be remotely programmed and designed to gently nudge your golf balls away from its cutting blades and treat them with respect.

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Application mobile pour robots ECHO Robotics.

A mobile app for remote control of your garden robots

As a groundkeeper or green space manager, you no doubt have better things to do than to constantly check and program your garden robots on site. That is why we have designed an application that allows you to control your fleet remotely.

ECHO Robotics
ECHO Robotics
ECHO Robotics

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