Football pitch maintenance

Your pitch-perfect partner

Football pitches are particularly demanding. In fact, they require very frequent mowing so that players can play and train on them as often as necessary. The quality of the pitch is also essential to avoid slipping or injuries and ensures a maximum precision for players. Robot mowers for football pitches offer ideal precision and flexibility for this type of requirements. Professional robot mowers have so much to offer you!

Saving time and money

Maintaining a football pitch means constant monitoring, which requires a lot of time from the dedicated teams. With the robotic mower, there is no more need for staff to pilot the mowers or pick up the mowed grass, everything is done by the robot. No need, either, to transport the robot to have it recharge, it moves to its charging station on its own. So you reduce the manpower needed to maintain the lawn and can assign your staff more interesting tasks. It should also be noted that a robot mower runs on electricity and will consume far less energy than its cousin, the reel mower. The robot mower can grant you up to 50% savings.

ECHO Robotics’ turf mower is good for sports turf.
Icon Quiet

Silent operation

For use in quiet environments, without disturbing the customers.

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Works 24/7, day and night, whatever the weather.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command

Remote control and commands

Via the smartphone application or the online portal - because the work does not stop when you are doing other things.

ECHO Robotics

Zero emission

Respects the environment and provides a better experience for the customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Energy costs eight times lower

Compared to conventional mowers.

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Advanced automation technology, steering technology and safety functions

You can be sure the job is well-done.

TurfMower Serie

Face avant du robot tondeuse d’ECHO Robotics.


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“How it’s always been done” is finally a thing of the past.

Schools & Municipalities

An education in efficient grounds management—and an educational tool for students.

Bring Your Own Application

It’s not about a certain type of job; it’s about a certain type of person—one who sees the possibilities others don’t.

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