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Free up your labour, manage your budget intelligently

Our robot mowers and golf ball pickers can work independently. Once the perimeter wire is placed, the charging station installed and the configurations programmed, your robot takes care of all the rest. You only need to program its working hours to have your lawn mowed, whether you are on site or not.

When its battery is low, the robot automatically goes to the charging station and then resumes its activity. No need to ask your staff to mow the lawn as quickly as possible at difficult times to maximise the occupation of your grounds. Offer them the opportunity to take on tasks with a real added value. No need to start robots by hand either, so you save time and money.

ECHO Robotics’ turf mower is good for sports turf.
Icon Quiet

Quiet Operation

Use it in noise-sensitive areas without disturbing customers.

Icon Autonomous


Operates 24/7, rain or shine, day and night.

ECHO Robotics Remote Command

Remote Command & Performance Monitoring

Via smartphone app or online portal—because work doesn't stop when you're busy doing other things.

ECHO Robotics

Emissions-Free Operation

Aids the environment and creates a better experience for customers.

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Eight Times Lower Energy Costs

Compared to traditional mowers.

Advanced Automation Icon

Advanced Automation, Guidance, and Safety Features

So you can rest assured the job’s being done right.

TurfMower Series

ECHO Robotics

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It’s not about a certain type of job; it’s about a certain type of person—one who sees the possibilities others don’t.

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