WiseNav robot mower

For mowing without a boundary wire

Face avant du robot tondeuse d’ECHO Robotics.

Strip pattern mowing in GPS mode

Mowing in a regular strip pattern? That’s already a given, with on-board GPS-RTK technology.
From now on, you will benefit from the WiseNav update. Your robot is moving up to the next level in terms of precision, and can navigate without a boundary wire. Three times more mowing capacity and a drastic reduction in your workload. This update is also available for golf ball pickers.

Tondeuses autonomes Echo Robotics en fonctionnement

The update you've been waiting for

Whether you are a sport field manager, greenkeeper, or green space manager…as a turf professional, you are constantly looking for ways to optimise the management and maintenance of your grounds. With the WiseNav update, your GPS-RTK robots mow even more precisely, strip by strip, without a boundary wire. Take advantage of this technological improvement for greater efficiency and higher maintenance quality.

Perfect wire-free mowing in five steps

Your GPS-RTK robot mower and its WiseNav update

The GPS-RTK base for precise GPS navigation

The robot charging station

Virtual input of safety zones and no-go zones

Your access via the app or the web portal to manage the robot

Simplified installation

No more buried boundary wires or interruptions. Our experts define the safety zones directly in the application. You then manage the work zones and no-go zones. Need to identify complex obstacles or flooded areas? Want to define the optimum mowing pattern according to the orientation of the field? Consider it done. To within a centimetre.

Three times the capacity

Thanks to GPS-RTK technology, EchoRobotics robots perform strip pattern mowing and triple their mowing capacity. Activate the WiseNav update to boost the possibilities by a factor of ten. Wire-free mowing has been tested to perfection on the most demanding terrains. Result: A single robot can handle up to 75,000 m² (TurfMower GPS-RTK) and your golf balls will be picked up at an unrivalled rate.

Multi-zone operation

Whether they are used for football pitches, industrial green spaces, golf courses, parks, or gardens, EchoRobotics robot mowers are there to get the work done. Even on slopes as steep as 45%. Better still, a single 4G multi-robot system can handle all of your fields within a 15-km radius. You can control them from your portal or your app. Delegate this relentless task, and let the robot calculate the ideal trajectory.

Sustainability and precision

Wire-free installation and mowing will protect the environment. No more trenches in your green spaces; the EchoRobotics robot mower will respect the safety zones accurately. And the CO2 emissions? Nothing. A plus for your image and your corporate social responsibility. With WiseNav technology, adjust the mowing height in each zone and define the passage areas between your fields, for a sustainable and attractive result.

WiseNav, meaning Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation

Are you already using GPS-RTK robots and their corresponding stations? The update awaits you.
Are your green spaces managed by the Connected Line? You can purchase a station upgrade and benefit from three times the mowing capacity (GPS-RTK models). Say hello to simplified management of mowing and no-go zones.

Application mobile pour robots ECHO Robotics.

Control from your smartphone

  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 remote access
  • Unlimited creation and adaptation of zones
  • Adapt the mowing to the condition of your terrain
  • Exclusion of areas to be avoided
  • The favourite tool of turf professionals

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