WiseNav: next-generation navigation for professional robots without boundary wires

Strip pattern mowing, no-go areas and safety zones: everything has been thought of. With WiseNav (Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation) technology, your Echo Robotics robot mower can now mow systematically, avoid certain areas, and respect safety zones, whilst navigating without boundary wires. This revolutionary upgrade makes installation easier and offers unprecedented features.

The upgrade every turf professional should have

Whether you are a greenkeeper, football pitch manager, green space manager, or any other turf professional, your aim is to optimise the management and care of your fields. That is exactly what Echo Robotics upgrade 4.6 will do for you. Are you ready to save a lot of time and reduce your costs? Mowing has never been done so perfectly.

The boost for GPS-RTK robot mowers and golf ball pickers

  • Strip pattern mowing without a boundary wire. Perfection.
  • Define the safety zones and areas to avoid.
  • Instantaneous flexibility to reconfigure the zones. Just use your app.
  • Optimised mowing of zone edges. Centimetre precision.

3-fold performance improvement

Thanks to GPS-RTK technology, Echo Robotics robots have considerably improved strip mowing capability. With the WiseNav upgrade, their performance is even more impressive. The upgrade also lets you install the system and mow without boundary wires. This history technological advance has been tested on more than 600 robots and different types of terrain. The results are conclusive: mowing capacity of up to 75,000 m² (TurfMower GPS-RTK) and consistently perfect mowing quality achieved using floating heads with stainless steel blades.

Simplified, more economical installation

Thanks to WiseNav technology, it’s easier to install your Echo Robotics robots on a new property: no more buried boundary wire to define the zones, no more danger of cutting the wire. Ideal for testing a robot before final installation: cheaper, and no digging required.

Optimised Echo Robotics portal and app

As always, Echo Robotics goes the extra mile to make your daily job easier. You have access to a personalised portal and the mobile app. The new version planned with WiseNav offers innovative functionality. How would you like to create, copy, and delete GPS zones and exclusion zones? It’s up to you.

The robot mower operates autonomously, calculates the zone changes you have applied, and respects any no-go zones along the way… All you have to do is monitor the work remotely via the app. In case of an unforeseen incident, you will be notified automatically.

Benefits of the application:

  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 real-time access
  • Creation and adaptation of GPS and no-go zones
  • Adjust the mowing settings to suit your terrain
  • High-risk, flooded, or occupied areas can be adjusted remotely

Free upgrade for your Echo Robotics robots

Do you already use a GPS-RTK robot mower (or fleet) and stations? The upgrade is free. If you have an older model from our Connected Line range, you can pay to upgrade your station and benefit from a threefold increase in mowing capacity (with GPS-RTK models) and flexible management of your mowing or no-go zones.

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