How do golf clubs automate the management of their green spaces?

Are you a golf course manager? A greenkeeper? This means that the management of labour and maintenance are your priorities. Not to mention the need to respect the players and the seasonal nature of course use. It’s time to consider automating the maintenance of your fields. Find out how Echo Robotics can help you whilst making a 50% saving and recovering time for your activities.

Several types of robot at your service

Golf courses always require intensive lawn care. Most clubs already use robot mowers to automate as many recurring tasks as possible. Did you know that Echo Robotics also has robots that can pick up as many as 12,000 golf balls in 24 hours?

By combining them with automatic mowers, you can save even more time and make economies of scale. And that’s not all: after picking up 300 balls, the robot empties its load into an automatic washing system. Your golf balls are redistributed, clean and ready to use.

The advantages of automatic mowing

  • Our robot mower works around the clock. This means you can mow bigger areas in a shorter time.
  • With GPS-RTK technology, you can mow in a precise strip pattern. You can also avoid going back over areas that have already been mown.
  • Pattern mowing saves energy. It also saves more time.
  • The robot settings can be adapted to the complex shapes of any golf course.
  • No balls are buried or damaged. Our robots are light, and their cuttings heads are equipped with protective discs.
  • The mulching function automatically provides 100% natural fertilisation to the soil. Your maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

The advantages of automatic golf ball picking

  • Seasonal adjustment: the robot adapts to the usage rate of the golf course. No more staffing headaches requiring people to be flexible. You keep the work under control in automatic mode.
  • Fewer buried balls: like robot mowers, robot ball pickers are lightweight, and they collect all the balls.
  • Energy savings: our robot ball picker has low consumption (comparable to a refrigerator). You will reduce carbon emissions by 90% compared to equivalent combustion engine machines.
  • Precious silence: golf ball picker robots are very quiet. Players can concentrate undisturbed.
  • The robot takes the balls it has collected directly to the drop pit. Everything takes place in automatic mode.

Automated cleaning and distribution of golf balls

The golf balls are in the drop pit? The robot picket activates the system that sends them down to the washing station. The balls are automatically washed, sorted, and dried. They go back to the dispensers and the players. Your members will thank you.

A robot or a fleet: always a winning combination

The TurfMower and the ball picker are autonomous, but they make a great team. The aim is to work in synergy and in a logical operating sequence. Result:

  • Your employees are spared repetitive tasks and can finally spend their time on jobs with more added value.
  • Mowing and ball picking are performed at regular intervals and more efficiently. You can adapt your opening times for the sake of your members.
  • Players are not disturbed by the presence of your teams on the course or by noisy machines.
  • Mulching helps to make your course more resilient without chemical additives. There are fewer fertilising operations to schedule.
  • The course is mown more precisely. A flawless appearance and energy savings.

Control your robots remotely using the portal and the app

No need to install additional tools. You have real-time access via your own smartphone or laptop. Wherever you are, with just an internet connection. Check the maintenance history, manage your fleet, benefit from a GPS anti-theft solution and geofencing.

Automation is the solution. Ask us for a free, no-obligation custom quote. Our specialists will answer all your questions.
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